About Me

Hey! My name is Varun Jain and I am a third-year undergraduate student enrolled in the iBioMed (Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship) program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.


I am an avid programmer, and I have a strong passion towards engineering design. In terms of programming, I am proficient in Python, MATLAB, JavaScript, and Swift. With engineering design, I have experience using PCB Design programs such as KiCAD and Computer-Aided Design programs such as SolidWorks. I also have experience with hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pis which I have used to develop various IoT devices.

Career Interests

I aspire to work in the healthcare industry as a medical professional, bridging the gap between clinical medicine and biomedical engineering. The integration between health sciences and biomedical engineering has always intrigued me, a combination paving the way for future innovation within the healthcare industry.

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